Nadine Scant videos in "Perverse Sexspiele"


Name: Perverse Sexspiele


Year: 1977

Language: German

Duration: 83 min

Country: Germany

Actress: Barbara Moose,Nadine Scant,Carole Gire,Miriam Wateau

Categories: Nadine Scant videos, 1977, Germany, German, Barbara Moose, Nadine Scant, Carole Gire, Miriam Wateau, Alban Ceray, Dominique Aveline, Jean-Louis Vattier, Charlie Schreiner, Roger Trapp

Actors: Alban Ceray,Dominique Aveline,Jean-Louis Vattier,Charlie Schreiner,Roger Trapp

Barbara Moose and Carole Gire, hitch hiking to the south of France, seduce the motorist who picks them up (being scolded by a gendarme) and then stop off at a small hotel and create havoc among the staff, the guests and the villagers, especially the baker's boy. They seduce everyone in sight - the maid, the owner/chef (Alban Ceray), a lone female guest (XNK2367), a guest couple (Charlie Schreiner and Myriam Watteau), but not (yet) the baker’s boy, and turn them all into sex maniacs, including the frustrated baker’s boy. This 'lad' (Vattier is a bit old for the part) spies an orgy going on inside the hotel and is driven to draw a female outline in the gravel of the drive and then make love to it. The hole he creates eventually becomes a fertility symbol site of scientific interest, attracting a couple of researchers to investigate it (Nadine Scant and a Charlie Schreiner near look-alike). Barbara Moose takes pity on the baker's boy and allows him to have his way with her on a swing. All of course ends in another orgy.

Nadine Scant videos in "Perverse Sexspiele"

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